Ingénieur stationnaire

A stationary engineer is a professional who operates, repairs and maintains stationary equipment that provides utilities for buildings or industrial purposes. Stationary equipment can include boilers, turbines, ventilation systems, motors, generators, refrigeration and other mechanical equipment. Stationary engineers may need a license for their equipment and are trained in various skills, such as mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, computer and safety. They work in a wide range of facilities, such as factories, office buildings, hospitals, warehouses, power plants and residential and commercial buildings.

Stationary Engineer Duties & Responsibilities
Some of the common duties and responsibilities of a stationary engineer are:

  • Operating and handling mechanical equipment, such as boilers and stationary engines
  • Monitoring equipment and observing data related to water, fuel and air levels
  • Reading equipment gauges and assessing performance
  • Conducting tests to ensure equipment functions correctly
  • Tracking data in equipment logs and creating charts or reports
  • Inspecting and evaluating equipment regularly
  • Maintaining the equipment by replacing or repairing parts
  • Adjusting the fuel or water levels
  • Overseeing and supervising a team of assistants and machine operators (if applicable)
Job Type: Part Time
Job Location: Maryland

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